Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's Sewvember!

Well, I was just saying this evening that it's been about a year since I updated my blog.  Apparently google is telling me it's been a year and a half!  Time does fly!  There has been so much going on with all my needles but I'll just start with the fun of SewVember.
On Instagram, member Bimble and Pimble has started a challenge calling it the ever popular "Sewvember".  We are asked to post a picture each day according to the list she provides.  Since she is on Australia time and I am on US pacific time, I get a whole day extra to think about what picture to take to fit into the category. Here is the list:

So you can see how fun this has been.  With today being the 16th, I'm about halfway done.
Here are some of my posts:
This UFO is now finished.  The inspiration of the post got it out and done!  With a minor modification, I will probably now use it.  Picture next time.  (The recycled denim jeans are no longer my style as they would have been a few years ago when I cut it out)  The 14th.
Of Course I couldn't show my entire library.  And , also of course, I neatened up the bookcase a bit before the picture.  The 15th.

I do love my pegboard area!  (the 16th)

My Stash, or course only an unembarrasing amount!  The  3rd.

Inspiration from my walk around the block. The 10th.
The 13th.

Tomorrow is set to be Planning.  I'm not sure what I will do with that one.  Do you plan your projects in advance?  Or are you a spur of the minute project starter?  I think I'm an advance planner, but when with friends at a fabric store, I can be a spur of the minute kind of gal.
This has spurred me to spend much more time in my sewing room and I'm loving it!  I find I smile without even knowing it and I'm finding myself humming with any music on.  I have some more projects on my sewing table and I'm on my way to getting them started...  
Until next time!
Sew On!