Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not Much Knitting - I'm on Fire!

Kindle Fire, that is!  I am so happy to get my new gadget.  
And don't you like the cover?  I was looking through some and my dh said he thought I should have a red one.  I think it looks just like a book, an old worn out book that you just want to pick up and read.

It's a Verso cover, made just for the Kindle.

And what am I reading, you ask?  Amazon, using their powers of addiction, offered a number of 'serial' type books for free.  Just the first of the series actually.  I picked an innocent sounding, old fashioned mystery book called, "Still Life with Murder" by PB Ryan.  I was instantly into it and had to buy the 2nd, then the 3rd & 4th.  My daughter 'borrowed' them from me through Kindles  Kindle-to-Kindle lending program and then she was hooked and bought me the 5th as a gift.  (Ty, TL)  So she bought #6 and 'loaned' it to me.  I'm almost done with #5 and she's patiently waiting for it, so I guess I should finish up here  and read ....  

Next:  The newly finished butterick dress, and the 4 (yes 4) sweaters that have been finished.