Thursday, May 14, 2009

On my pegs: I want to make a pair of socks. Yes, socks. So I saw this loom - it has to be easier than knitting, right? Well, the claim is made that it helps people who have pain, like arthritis and such - so this must be for me! I bought the loom used, $20.00 - good deal. I bought the sock yarn at our friendly local yarn shop - about $8.00. I figured I'd fly through the first pair and want to make a second right away so I bought enough for a 2nd pair. Two skeins, nice yarn, about $5 each. So far I have about $38.00 into my new sock making career! Well, that was over a month ago and I really do work on them. Did you know that it takes about an hour to loom 1 inch of sock? Yes, it does. For me anyway. Can it really take that long to use knitting needles to knit one? Well, I have made progress. I have done the heel and am halfway to the toe, of the first one, that is. That is the beginning saga of my $38.00 pair of socks, or sock as the case may be.