Saturday, May 8, 2010

Progress comes slow but sure with 15 minutes at a time.

Yes, 15 minutes at a time.  Things are being finished and without real stress - I like it.  I was looking in my bookcase and came across Nancy Ziemans book "10, 20, 30 Minutes to Sew" and realized my organization lessons were right there.  Nancy breaks down sewing a garment into 10, 20, and 30 minute blocks just as I have been trying to do.  What a great system this is proving to be!


Simplicity #2427;  one down, one to go!  Wow, I haven't gathered for a long time and I'm seeing how my eyes and my hands have aged while trying to grab those little threads to pull.  After moaning that my old gathering foot won't fit my newer Bernina sewing machine, and impulsively ordering a ruffling foot to fit off ebay, I went in for one more try and low and behold, a gathering foot appeared!!  There was that beautiful foot #16 just hanging there saying 'why didn't you know I was here'.  Apparently the woman who I bought the machine from had it included in the purchase, and I never noticed.  Now, cheerfully, I can make ruffles to my hearts content. 

The settings:  Stitch length 5, Tension 6  

I'm listing these because I had a hard time finding directions to using this foot and had to find settings by trial and error.  Those worked for me and I think will work for most machines with similar numbers. (oh and by the way, I still have a ruffling foot coming - at least I will be able to make beautiful pleats :-)

Slades Sweater;  I ripped out the ribbed neck and, using a bigger needle and 20 more stitches, redid the neckline and it looks and fits so much better!
After nearly completing one sleeve and frogging it back because it became too big (I am winging my modifications for this pattern) I cut from newspaper a pattern of the sleeve, did calculations from my pre-frogged sleeve/guage swatch, had Pop double check my figures, and started again.  This really is being worked in 15 minute swatches of time.  I am leaving it on the table and when I sit to chat with Pop, or just relax a minute, I pick it up and knit on it.  It's going well and I think will work with the crocheted pattern on the body.  It'll be a patchwork sweater of sorts.

My Knitting Group:

I've started joining some friends who are knitting and crocheting together so I thought I'd share some pictures of how hard we all concentrate and work on our projects.  A couple are just learning to knit, their instructor is knitting a sock, and another is making a beautiful crocheted Lacy Top Cardigan.  I'm working on my Miley Tee and it is seen next to the white Lacy Top Cardigan crocheter. 
  We've all had our tummys filled with Alta's special recipe of 'stir fry' yummy stuff and we are focused!

Here's Alta with her nearly finished Lacy Top Cardigan, and Joanna with her first project - a scarf made from a beautiful spool of ribbony goodness!

And I can't leave out the instructor of 'the girls', Marilyn, working on her yummy sock:

That's it for now!  By next week I should be done with the 2nd gathery/ruffley dress and they should be gifted.  I hope I get a picture of those cute little cousins in their new dresses to show you all.  Look for a new post in 2 weeks with fun new completed UFO's that I'll do in 15 minutes at a time!