Friday, November 26, 2010

Personal Footprints - A step in the right direction!

I got a new book!  It's "Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters" by Cat Bordhi.
I went to the Yarn Shop to get a book on knitting socks on 2 circulars, but saw this.  It's a very intriguing thought - making a footprint of your knitting subjects and making a sock.  I put off trying this new option in sock making until I had enough 'focus' time to read the book.  It actually is quite interesting, as Cat usually is.  I decided as each of my adult children came over for a weekend here and there to make a footprint on the inside of an empty cereal box (well some weren't empty yet and had to settle for a tupperware container).  So I also made one of my 9 year old grandson's foot and decided to start with his. 
I started on that, then quickly realized to get the fit perfect, you actually need the foot of the subject to start with.  With some guessing by using my foot, I started anyway.  They turned out to fit him well and I was so happy.  With the clear explanation in the book, they were a pleasure to knit.  I did both feet before I did the legs to make sure that they were exactly the same and recorded on my template as suggested in the book all that I did.  Here are the results: 

They fit him great!  I think there is a bit of room for some growth, but for not having him with me, I think the book 'stepped' me in the right direction!
So I decided to make a pair for my husband, one that wasn't so vanilla.  I picked the "Inlaid Pennants" from page 45 in the book.  Having his foot readily at my disposal, it was so much easier.  Again I found it better to make both 'feet', then open it up and start on the 'leg'.  That is such a handy way to make sure you get both socks finished and your feel for the leg pattern is still imprinted on the brain and is easier to use.  His turned out pretty good, too, don't you think?

He really likes them and wears them often on Sunday.  I think if you try this book, you will like it too.

I took some ideas from this book and tried out another new pattern and I will share that with you next week!  Don't miss it, you will really like the blending!

Until then, keep on your pegs and needles!