Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yay! SFP's! (Satisfyingly Finished Projects)

Wow, Finally!  The Quilt is finished and gifted!  It's been a 4 year project, with intermissions, but a true project of love.  Here it is:

And I got it labelled: 

Yes, a real SFP with the highlight on Satisfying!

I've shown the progress on this in earlier posts so I am very proud to put the Finished Project Label on this.  See, the 15 minutes a day motto really works!

Off the needles:  Cody & Sole shopped for yarn in Ecuador for a gift for me and were dissappointed until they saw some women spinning.  They asked about yarn and the ladies sold them 3 wonderfully natural hanks of yarn 1 was still natural, the other 2 were dyed  but all 3 have generous amounts of lanolin in them.  I immediately started knitting a project out of the Fall, 2009 issue of Interweave Knits that I was waiting for just the right project.  Big Montana Tunic.  It knitted up fast and I now have yet another SFP:

I'm on a roll now for completing things and have already dug down into the UFO pile and pulled out 2 things.  One a bag already cut out for at least a year, and a 15 year old Granny Square baby blanket that needs some edging.  Do you think I can be done with these by next week?

Socks:  Yes, I have socks.  I started these in a Totally Tubular fashion, as I talked about before.  The exception is that I started toe up.  I cast on 5, in the wrap method that Cat Bordhi explained in "Personal Footprints".  I increased up to 24 on each needle, magic loop method.  I knitted the stockinette tube till I reached about 10 inches and did the Bremen Sock pattern I downloaded for free on Ravelry.  I knitted to about 14" and bound off.  Then I went back and added the heel placed according to my 'Footprint' on the cereal box.  I think this is going to be my favorite method of making socks.  The afterthought heel has fit well and looked good on each of the socks that I've made.  These socks fit me PERFECTLY!
 I am on a roll and will have more SFP's next time!