Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sewing, Knitting, Cooking - Can it Get Much Better than this?

So my mom is visiting and the inspiration is thick in the air!  We've started a quilt that I've been wanting to make, but the oomph had gone out of my sales for starting.  It's from a set of templates that I bought at our nice little home town quilt show 2 years ago.  When I saw them again this year (it's a 2 year quilt show) I remembered them and dug them out.  The templates are from  and make a quilt as you go 'Orange Peel'/'Robbing Peter to Pay Paul' quilt:
You see at the back, it starts as a square of scraps, then the batting and circle is sewn in, then turned right side out (lower right).  These are then sewn into a 4 set block.  Here is a shot of the other side, with the "Orange Peels" showing:
Then we put 4 sets together and got these 2:

These sets will be sewn together then more sets made and added on.  What is so nice is that it is actually quilted as you go, so when we decide it's the right size, it's done!

I'm going to name this "Mom and Me" because this will be the first quilt my mom and I actually made together!

Then we sat in Hobby Lobby looking at patterns and got more inspiration for a Turtle Rag Quilt from a pattern by Simpicity.  It's #2493 and there will be more on this next time!