Thursday, January 26, 2012

The turtle pattern

The turtle pattern by desertnettie

Wow, are there a lot of pieces to this Turtle!  We got them all cut out, they are sewn together and now just waiting to be put together.  
Mom had to leave (:-(  but I got the 2 last pieces sandwiched together.  She will return next month and we will get the puzzle put together.
It's kind of cool how this goes together.  
Each piece has 2 pieces of flannel and 1 matching piece of batting.  They are then sewn together as a sandwich, right sides out, batting in the middle.  Then, as you can see on the head, each piece is simple machine quilted to make a pattern for the final quilt.  Very easy and fun!

More to come when assembled ...

The turtle pattern, a photo by desertnettie on Flickr.
The turtle pattern